April 18, 2017

The strides of you
Open forward
A myth of
Bronze against
Olive waves
I kneel before you
I chose your time
Your history
Your road
And your dead
You whisper
That I am late
But I seal my truth
At your name
Dusk at a distance
A war at ease
The temple is not
In ruins
As you wake
To conquer
Whatever spite
Thickens at your glory

Tired of my skull
A livid whistle in the open
Scarlet fungus
Blazing through the game
Are you afraid of opening up
Fetid ink of the old heart
Or is just arctic meat
Bleeding into some cobalt rush
Find me
In the land above you
Misted phlox across your chest
Press me down against
Your mercy
Keep me away from gods
The xanthic sulphur of shame
Quicken my thighs and signals
Thrust me forward
The secret spasm of things

March 27, 2017

Echoing past the strongest
I'm no devotee of virtue
Nor nurture or need
Wallop sharp at the split
Tiger strides across exile
The half-adorned landscape
Trails along in silence
Beasts are the only
Companions of the extinct
Foreign to the creamy jolts
Of waves and knees
And other soft conversations
Grain is the face of everywhere
One hundred shadows narrow
Into no-man's darkness
I am picking up, closing in
Rage of the absolute and real

March 26, 2017

I look up into February's mouth
This is not an answer
The war at the foundations
Says not to touch me
Every hour the weight of my tongue
Shifts sluggishly over to another language
Printing presses and visions
Crawling through the transmuted divine
I float like an island and crash at the stars
Dependent on such battlefields
Compromises with the pale fragments
That turn proverbs into scars

March 25, 2017

Sweet lash
Pop expression
Sherbert belle
Said pleasure was body
Desire sparkling
Loose over love
Ebb of delight 
Now smooth and dauntless
Golden home
Heaven all over

March 24, 2017

The archive could be wrong
Sphinx electricity
Folded up into a zigzag
Of voiceless roots
Beneath the thin ways
Lie the absentminded faces
Of those abandoned
Enclosed cocoons to see us
Through the brooding light
Our presence dim
Wings steady and slow 
Toward the burials 
that remain unaged
Seven specks through the loudspeaker
Bottles that don't love us
Biblical faces staggering out into the night
I turn reflection at the wagon doors
Uneasy at the birthmarks
Contradictions flying from eye to mouth
Violence so heavy
A compass of metal melancholy
That presses the fury out of my lungs
Another town sleeps at zero
Unknowing of the quicker temper
Of newspaper print and chalk at the strides
A mountain no one prays for
I drum into a shadow
Uneasy at the slow blue crush
Caught up in the notice of a heart

March 23, 2017

Swollen earth
Final paradise in shame
The snares of childhood
Can't be easy
Hot evening hovers
Between her breasts
Prayers out of focus
She breaks the fairytales
Out into purple
This mixed swoon of
Idea and panic
A palette of prurience
Tearing at her sighs

March 22, 2017

Years hang densely
An arc of branches 
Expands greedily over
The routes in the sky
Here an eye catches
Mornings and bones
Murdered radars of
Moments collapsing
The season swells
Into fumbling thickets
Sun-kissed foliage
Floating on the same
Latitude as the steady
Clouds of gaze

March 16, 2017

Myths of the sea being round
The cracks on the walls
Trying to hide in this room
Lillies and evergreen
Through the nose
I am not trapped
Music is taking a nap while
Winter warms up at the pleats
Her hips encircling my body
I hear that certain clouds
Shrink time and shores
Are never really that long
Except for her hair
And the sleep that drifted
From us so very long ago
Her spirit dreams in velvet
I dive into her rhythm
A wave stretched at the spine
The curtains hang motionless
Something golden blossoms
I am the silence
Calling out at the wash