June 30, 2017

Wrinkled bedsheets
A soft mouth, two
4 a.m. is a soundless
Flat line
That cannot connect
To the magnetic fluttering
Behind her eyelids
Her thighs, he notices,
Are ruled by the moon
And her dreams rest
Of cherub love and gardens
A trickle of light
A trickle of wind
He quietly draws up
A blueprint
A subtle tracing of his
Remaining books
Of the rain-soaked twigs
Cracking over
His broken path
An uncharted urge
For the words
His eyes have yet to invent
For his every turn
At each
Of her slumbering corners

June 6, 2017

I felt the clocks go
Moon machines in mourning
A kaleidoscope walk
Following an empty alley dance
I pause, tumbled
What remembers the middle 
Of an imperfect current
If not the desire to spill over one's body
Old light beginning to rain
Soles sealing  every other sound
While wires hum into some open dead space
Night pours no expressions
Just an electric blink
To be caught, perhaps, at another time

May 20, 2017

BlackBlackGold - Live at Gegen 2017

loneliness has a pulse
walls taste of aqua
the damp mistaken words
stick to my tongue
snails disturbances lime
summer darkens
while wild antennae whirr
against blades of grass
horizons shift under our heels
theirs is the hestitation
the broken hours straight ahead
death is a long letter
an uneasy hot dare to become
nothing remains at the margin
myself close, i'm searching

May 8, 2017

The last time silence glistened
Nothing was still
Iron fish tangled in her hair
Matching tendrils slithering over her tongue
Summer flew low
My eyes crawled over the house walls
Green razors executing this
Dialect of sun and earth
My roots dead
She is a stream across the half-mortal
A stubborn struggle
Gone further away from any possible light
Thoughts in open ripples
Quite close to the abandoned wakefulness
I knew a world ago
Eager pictures moving under my eyelids
Now, and in vain

May 1, 2017

Sand starts at one thousand
Wide spells brushing
The flock of clouds above us
A spirit dream pulses
Through its diaphanous frontiers
Renewal is no secret migration
Its rumbly rhythm harpooned
Sharp at the back
Where the evening route prevails
And the murmur of underwater light
Collapses all of our desired presence
Into thin and listless abyss

April 18, 2017

The strides of you
Open forward
A myth of
Bronze against
Olive waves
I kneel before you
I chose your time
Your history
Your road
And your dead
You whisper
That I am late
But I seal my truth
At your name
Dusk at a distance
A war at ease
The temple is not
In ruins
As you wake
To conquer
Whatever spite
Thickens at your glory
Tired of my skull
A livid whistle in the open
Scarlet fungus
Blazing through the game
Are you afraid of opening up
Fetid ink of the old heart
Or is just arctic meat
Bleeding into some cobalt rush
Find me
In the land above you
Misted phlox across your chest
Press me down against
Your mercy
Keep me away from gods
The xanthic sulphur of shame
Quicken my thighs and signals
Thrust me forward
The secret spasm of things

March 27, 2017

Echoing past the strongest
I'm no devotee of virtue
Nor nurture or need
Wallop sharp at the split
Tiger strides across exile
The half-adorned landscape
Trails along in silence
Beasts are the only
Companions of the extinct
Foreign to the creamy jolts
Of waves and knees
And other soft conversations
Grain is the face of everywhere
One hundred shadows narrow
Into no-man's darkness
I am picking up, closing in
Rage of the absolute and real

March 26, 2017

I look up into February's mouth
This is not an answer
The war at the foundations
Says not to touch me
Every hour the weight of my tongue
Shifts sluggishly over to another language
Printing presses and visions
Crawling through the transmuted divine
I float like an island and crash at the stars
Dependent on such battlefields
Compromises with the pale fragments
That turn proverbs into scars